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A small tool, like a billion others, that converts binary images into C-code structures, specifically for use with Amiga programs. Reads only IFF ILBM images, but uses (and in the source code demonstrates how to use) the standard Amiga iffparse.library

I had used about a half dozen such tools and each had great features but was lacking in some other way. Rather annoyed over these imperfections, I wrote my own program. Hey, it's great to be a programmer, isn't it? :-)

So, download it if you have a need for such a tool and aren't happy with similar ones that you may already be using, or if you're looking for a program that has done everything I needed from it.

It's free and comes with source code, and that could show you how to use the standard iffparse.library to write an even better tool!

Description:Converts IFF ILBM images using the iffparse.library to create C-source code.
License:Free as in speech and beer
Requirements:Amiga (Kickstart 2.04+)
Download:image2c-12.lha (20.3KiB)

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