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Although Java gained a reputation early on for being slow, and many continue to cling to that belief even today, significant advances in compiler and garbage collector technologies have narrowed the gap with statically compiled languages like 'C'. In fact, Java can even surpass C's performance because the JVM monitors runtime characteristics in the code and can dynamically reorder sections and re-optimize them according to runtime behavior. Try that with C!

Admittedly, there remain plenty of situations where Java is no speed demon. The desktop is the primary one of these, because most platforms differ the most in the higher-level functions and Java must somehow translate between all of these to a common baseline. That this comes at a price is no surprise to anyone. That it works as well as it does, is pretty darn nifty!

The following are our Java offerings. Have a look!

AntBuilderA Java tool to construct a build.xml file for Ant. If nothing else, this is a great way to get started with a project. We use this all the time!Java1.23
BlockerA tool to help block use of the desktop during certain times of the day or after accumulated time has expired. Probably won't keep the truly savvy kid from using the computer, but younger ones should have their access time limited.Java1.0
BoxerA Packaging Tool for Eclipse Java Projects, able to function as a Builder, usable from scripts, and the command line, although project configuration is best done through the GUI. It’s sexy, it’s cool, it’s fast, and it’s totally Free!Java2.0
CryptCreatureCryptCreature demonstrates the basics of cryptography, and through its source code may serve as an example of using Java's cryptographic capabilities. It is hoped that this software is useful for the curious to start on the road to cryptography and keeping their data and lives out of prying hands. NOTE: Source code is inside the .jar file (treat it as a .zip file)Java1.4.1
DeadSheepHelps eliminate duplicate files on your hard disk.Java1.0
EQTimerParses EQ/P99 LogJava
JNI How-ToStep-by-step walk-through of performing a Java Native Interface call to your own code, which also relies on an external shared object (.so) file, somewhat complicating matters with respect to the library path.Java2006.01.17
LumberJackLumberJack combines two or more sets of log files such that the events are ordered in the timed sequence in which they originally occurred, regardless of how each log file describes its particular event times. It is a useful component in the forensic process. Another useful tool in that category would be LogFishJava1.0
LogFishLogFish processes log files and, using a set of rules, reconstructs events, their time spans, and frequency in an effort to establish whether certain machine states represent an issue of sorts (a failure, security breach, potential abuse, etc.) You might also want to have a look at LumberJackJava1.0
MindFlayerMindFlayer seeks to flay your mind and eat your brain. In essence, it's eye candy. MindFlayer will stimulate everything connected to your visual cortex. In other words, it will try to blow your mind. So, put on some tunes, turn off the lights, and let your mind get flayed. You'll like it that way, you really will!Java0.8
Multicasting in JavaMulticasting network communications could be described as the neworking equivalent of a chat room: You subscribe to a group (consisting of a network address in the multicasting range through and and 16-bit number, like a port). This can be used for anonymous peer-to-peer communications, among other uses.Java
OOoDecryptHow to decrypt password protected Open Document Format (ODF) files (such as used by LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org) using only pure Java code.Java2012.04.11
ODFindLooking for something in one of your Open Document Format (ODF) files, somewhere on your hard disk? Are some of those files encrypted but you still want to search them (provided that you have the password for them)?Java2.0
ODFJLibJava-based library to access OASIS Open Document contents, including encrypted data (provided you have the password to convert into the correct cryptographic key).Java1.0
POSIX Signals in JavaCatching POSIX signals in Java is possible, albeit at the cost of a dependency on a particular vendor's libraries. Code within.Java
StarCatA star catalog and 3-dimensional (3D) visualization tool.Java0.3
TreeDiffSearches for file differences in two different directory trees. Will take into account the file size, file content, and (optionally) the file's timestamp. Differences reported are those as well as the existence and lack of files in one or the other tree. A special smart search can determine which files are unique or duplicates of each other, regardless where in the directory tree they are located, or what they are named!Java1.2
WeblordA powerful, high-performance page building tool. We use it to build our website (yeah, we drink our own coolaid!)Amiga, Java, GNU/Linux4.0
XS3DAn extremely simple 3D rendering engineJava1.0

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