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February 11, 2011

What we have seen recently in Tunisia and now in Egypt demonstrates that the leaders of every nation must consider carefully by what mandate they lead. It could be argued that all leaders serve themselves to some degree, and I shall not deny that their drive and their initiative should garner them some modest gain, but those who abuse their position of power, who squeeze and milk their nation and their people, should understand that their days are numbered.

If our leaders are not accountable to us, then they are not our leaders, rather we are their subjects, their vassals, and their pawns. For this reason, I feel that the recent leaks of diplomatic cables, banking records, and the like, are a necessary step to reduce the difference between "us and them." So long as our leaders can play with impunity their own "games" in their own walled gardens, and at our expense, all nations risk dictatorship.

We stand today at the beginning of a new age. Information is no longer the exclusive domain of the learned and the powerful. Far too many have access to instant global communications, news of all sorts can spread at lightning speed, and the Internet has given us our first glimpse of what a united humanity might look like: Joined in the desire for trust, respect, and freedom — freedom of expression, and freedom from oppression, supported by freedom of information.

Where Egypt has walked in the past eighteen days, other oppressed nations will follow, just as others have gone before, including the British Colonies in America, from which emerged the United States. And while some will again be dragged down by the greedy, the trend is still clear: Open information brings us all closer, forces those who lead us to do so honestly, and it unites us all against that common enemy, oppression.

Trust respect and freedom. Live it!

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