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Solarized Theme for Eclipse 4


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March 6, 2015

No other color theme seems as easy on my eyes, and conducive of my creativity as Solarized. For the longest time the various blindingly bright themes of Eclipse have deteriorated my patience (not to mention my eyesight), until I finally took the time to research and style my Eclipse in the Solarized Dark theme. Yay!

The whole effort has taken so long, and required so much frobbing that I’m no longer entirely certain what is and what is not required to get this working, and for that reason I’m not (yet) publishing this as an official theme, but it seems that the following are involved:

If this works for you, please let me know; if you find issues (and I know there are a few), let me know how you solved them and send me the updates. Once this theme is shiny, I’ll publish it so that the whole solar(ized) system may benefit from our work, yes? :)

Download Ringlord-Solarized-Eclipse4.epf and place this file into your …workspace/.metadata/.plugins/net.jeeeyul.eclipse.themes.ui/user-presets directory. Go go Window » Preferences » General » Appearance » Jeeeyul’s Themes; On the right side of the tab-bar is an icon that looks like a blue t-shirt on a hanger, this opens a menu from which you should be able to select predefined themes. You may have to restart Eclipse for the new theme to show up; you may have to restart Eclipse after selecting the new theme, too.

Solarized Theme for Eclipse v4

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