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I wrote the first version of PrettyHTML in response to someone's apparent desire to be able to "properly" wrap the output produced by WebLord.

Of course, HTML rendering agents care nothing of how nicely formatted your HTML code is, but if you ever have the need to edit the code later (never an issue with WebLord) or learn from someone else's misguided mess, you may find yourself jumping up and down with joy because PrettyHTML will allow you to really make it readable like few or no tools like it!

Description:Intelligently wraps and indents HTML for improved readability. Improves correctness of the HTML by quoting tag attributes and supplying closing elements for table items. Can improve modem-compressibility of HTML by lower- or upper-casing all HTML tags (also improves readability and consistency).
License:Free (binary only)
Download:Coming soon: prettyhtml-22.lha (Amiga)
Coming soon: prettyhtml-22.tar.gz (GNU/Linux)

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