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On these pages we present what software and other materials we have for you to grab and play with. Although there is some crossover, these can be generally categorized as below:


The Amiga was the world's first multimedia desktop system. It came well before its time, was mismarketed, usually misunderstood, and eventually it failed in the market place. Yet many remain who still use their Amiga. There has been sporadic work on new releases of the operating system and new even hardware! There's good reason for such dedication to a platform that "died" in 1994…


Java is both a high level programming language and a platform on which to execute software compiled into Java Byte Code (primarily Java programs but also many other languages). Java's excellent cross-platform compatibility, strong focus on strict typing (which helps catch errors early, namely at compile time rather than way too late, at runtime), and good security model have made Java a favorite in the data center. The software's strong cross-platform desktop capabilities make it a superb choice for those looking to make their software available across multiple platforms, too.


Although Linux is merely the kernel of the GNU Operating System, this misunderstanding has evolved into convention and today, not even Richard Stallman can do much to change the naming convention that ignores the whole GNU project.

Linux is a Unix-like operating system, with a long history of reliability, solid networking capabilities, and a staggering wealth of software available, much of it from the GNU project. Linux doesn't suffer from viruses, it rarely needs to be rebooted even for major software upgrades; it's a workhorse, it simply never stops.


Whatever doesn't fit the above…

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