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Have you ever wondered whether two directory trees are actually the same? or what files are in one tree, but not the other? or what files they both share so you can reconcile their differences? Or have you copied files here and there for various purposes on your hard disk, but you'd like to find (and perhaps eliminate) all those duplicates, perhaps replace them with symbolic links?

TreeDiff is a simple command line tool that compares the contents of two directory trees recursively, looking for identical filepaths and comparing their sizes or dates, even their actual contents.

TreeDiff can also perform a smart search, comparing the contents of all files against each other, regardless of the names of the files or how they are organized in the directory structure (you don't have to give it two directories in that case, one will suffice). TreeDiff then lists either the duplicates or the files that are unique.1

In all cases, the output is both human and machine readable, meaning that you can make sense of it on your screen, but you can also analyze the output with another program.

TreeDiff does not yet have a GUI, but we feel that it is already a useful tool to anyone who needs it and is not afraid of their own keyboard.

Description:Searches for file differences in two different directory trees. Will take into account the file size, file content, and (optionally) the file's timestamp. Differences reported are those as well as the existence and lack of files in one or the other tree. A special smart search can determine which files are unique or duplicates of each other, regardless where in the directory tree they are located, or what they are named!
License:GNU General Public License (GPL) v3 (Free as in Speech)
Requirements:Java 1.5+
Download:treediff.jar (8.2KiB)
1  If you feel adventurous, use TreeDiff to find all the duplicate files on your hard disk!

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