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WrapGuide is a small tool to convert a V39 AmigaGuide® online documentation file to a V34 style AmigaGuide. The conversion is necessary for AmigaGuide files that feature long lines (wrapped into paragraphs) cause the old V34 amigaguide.library to suffer a buffer overflow that either destabilizes the system slowly or causes an outright crash.

WrapGuide can be used either to generate two distinct sets of documentation to ship with a product, or the software can be shipped with the product in order to convert V39-style files during the installation process and only when necessary.

The WrapGuide binary occupies as little as 8 kb on the installation disk and may be distributed with your products without any strings attached.

Description:A small tool to word-wrap AmigaGuide® documents at or before a certain text-column. Use of this tool allows the developer to write advanced V39-style AmigaGuide® online documentation, and then create from these documents the necessary V34-style versions that, when installed on an older Amiga platform, are properly word-wrapped at fixed columns and cause no harm to the older software.
License:Free as in speech and beer
Requirements:Amiga (Kickstart 2.04+)
Download:wrapguide-11.lha (9.7KiB)

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