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``If you really grok the Amiga, Windows will make your head explode...''
-- Dave Haynie

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the Amiga -- What is this ``Amiga''?
  2. The History of the Amiga -- What was, what is, and what may be...
  3. The Hardware of the Amiga -- What's inside that is so special?

  4. Amiga News -- Some of the more important news events in the Amiga world.

  5. Amiga Java -- Getting Java to work on the Amiga

  6. A Multimedia Amiga -- In and around my Amiga
    1. My Amiga is participating in the Amiga RC5-64 Team Effort since early September 1997, contributing all unused CPU power (about 99% on average) to the massively parallel computing effort to (legally) crack the RC5-64 cipher in response to RSA's own challenge. Towards this goal my Amiga searches well over 2 billion ( 29 ) keys a day!
    2. Something which sums up my feelings on Windoze 95 and most of the rest of Bill's horrid bloatware...
    3. My Amiga also provides the base-line for all RingLord Technologies' DTP operations using SoftLogik's PageStream, probably the most intuitive desktop publishing software system ever created for a consumer level platform.

``A student asked the master for help... does this program run from the Workbench? The master grabbed the mouse and pointed to an icon. ``What is this?'' he asked. The student replied ``That's the mouse''. The master pressed control-Amiga-Amiga and hit the student on the head with the Amiga ROM Kernel Manual.''
-- Peter da Silva
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