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Want to link to us? Wondering about using what we have to offer? Curious about licenses? You've come to the right place! And to preserve both your sanity and your eyesight, we've refrained from using an ALL-CAPS, FIXED PITCH FONT. Bring on the love!

Ownership of Content

Ringlord Technologies is a privately held company. The name, logo (and variations), contents of the Ringlord Technologies web site, and all materials published by Ringlord Technologies, regardless of the nature or medium of publication or distribution, are subject to the copyright laws of the United States of America.

The addition, removal, or alteration of links, images, or text from any representation of our works, by manual, automatic, or other means represents a violation of our copyrights1. Limited exceptions (for fair use) are granted to indexing and search services to cache our materials and/or highlight search terms as a service to their customers.

Q: Can I link to just your images or downloadable files?
A: No, that would misrepresent our materials. We encourage links to any of our pages but please do not reference our materials out of their intended context.

Q: Can I use the scripts, software, and documents?
A: Yes, of course, that's why we're publishing them! Please be aware of the licensing, however. Most of our materials are subject to the GNU GPL (unless otherwise noted) and their use in proprietary projects can cause significant liabilities: Your derived work must also be licensed under the GNU GPL, so you must provide your source code (all of it) when you distribute your work.

Q: Can I print the documents or web pages?
A: Yes, but please print them in their entirety or at least ensure that attributions (copyright messages, logos, etc.) are preserved. You should always end up with a reproduction whose origin is clear.

Q: Can I mirror the site, or a portion thereof?
A: Well, if you have a compelling reason for doing so, we won't hold you back, but we'd like to know if you do that.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of our materials (documents, software, etc.) does not conflict with the license under which we publish them. That means that you are responsible for understanding what the license says and means.

Unless otherwise mentioned, our materials are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) which provides you with numerous rights but also stipulates that redistribution of a derivative work is also licensed under the GNU GPL2. In essence you can do with GPL-licensed software whatever you want, so long as it's in the privacy of your own space. But if you use GPL-licensed software in any part of your own product (whether you integrate it with your own work or merely change what you got from somewhere else) and pass on — distribute — even one single copy, then you are required to license the whole of it under the GNU GPL, too, and that means making all of the source code available, as well. Of course, that's only a brief summary of the GPL, so you should read the license yourself: it's actually quite short and surprisingly clear for a legal document.

Some of our software is also licensed "Free as in Beer", meaning that you can use the software in its final (binary) form but you have no right to the recipe (source code) as you would with Free software. Most of our old Amiga software is licensed that way, largely because we no longer have the source code in a publishable form and demand for it is too low (or non-existent) to expend the time and effort to improve that situation.


We are liable solely for our own content, as intended by design, and transmitted by our server. Any alteration of the content en route, by a proxy, browser, plugin, filter, or other means may involve a violation of our copyright and removes us from liability if the alteration is more than representational (e.g. choice of fonts, colors, or layout).

Materials published under the people/ tree is the sole responsibility of the respective user.

If you do not like, or even feel offended by anything you find on our pages, keep in mind that it was by your own actions that you came here. If someone misled you here and you didn't like it, then go bother them about it, not us. Freedom of speech and all that.

1  Injecting links where there weren't any, or removing or altering links as we provide them, is not permitted!
2  Microsoft has attempted in the past to animate the claim that it is virulent behavior for a derived work to be forced to use the same license as the original. But it is clearly disingenuous to blame the license when actually you got caught with your pants down for failing to observe that license.

All content is copyright © Ringlord Technologies unless otherwise stated. We do encourage deep linking to our site's pages but forbid direct reference to images, software or other non-page resources stored here; likewise, do not embed our content in frames or other constructs that may mislead the reader about the content ownership. Play nice, yes?

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