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[rwb] Falsehoods Alternative FactsJanuary 23, 2017
Having brought down the 5.7% unemployment rate inherited from the Obama administration, replaced Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) with an even more affordable health care system, soundly defeated ISIS, built a… (Continued)

[rwb] OMFGNovember 9, 2016

Racism, xenophobia, lies, incitement to violence, and hatred for women have won the day. Shockingly, this happened in the United States of America. The Founding Fathers are turning in their graves. We are well and truly humped.

[ringlord] Solarized Theme for Eclipse 4March 6, 2015
No other color theme seems as easy on my eyes, and conducive of my creativity as Solarized. For the longest time the various blindingly bright themes of Eclipse have deteriorated my patience (not to mention my… (Continued)

[ringlord] Where are the 2560x1600 (130+DPI) monitors?!May 31, 2014
Where are the 2560x1600 (16:10) monitors? Hello? Is it all about watching movies on a 16:9 display these days, is nobody coding anymore? Does nobody care anymore about vertical pixels? I never felt that a 4:3… (Continued)

[ringlord] BitfoolsDecember 2, 2013
Seriously now, would you hand over your wallet, credit cards, bank cards, all your passwords, and everything else of value to some guy at the street corner? You laugh, then why did you create an “online… (Continued)

[rwb] Fail, fail, and fail again!October 2, 2013
Stubborn, short-sighted, and spiteful, that describes the Republican Party as far as I’m concerned: I can understand being dissatisfied with the Affordable Care Act, unhappy with its prospects, and wanting… (Continued)

[java] Boxer to package your Eclipse Java ToolsSeptember 18, 2013
Are you using Eclipse to build Java tools (rather than JEE) and are you looking for a way to package and sign the resulting JAR, then build nice distribution archives from the resulting file(s)? Do you want to… (Continued)

[ringlord] BitTorrent SyncJuly 18, 2013
If you have not tried the “BitTorrent Sync” client, you're missing out on an incredibly versatile technology. I know not about the underlying details to feel entirely comfortable with the cryptographic security… (Continued)

[java] JavaFX 8.0 3DJuly 4, 2013
The venerable Java3D technology that ships as an add-on to the Java Platform has never really caught on, perhaps because it was a pain to setup, and make part of a shipping product, but Java 8.0 is about to… (Continued)

[java] JavaFX Graduates!February 1, 2013

JavaFX has finally graduated to first-class status with the release of JDK 1.8.0-b75: No longer is it necessary to add jfxrt.jar explicitly to the classpath to compile and run applications, it’s now as easy as javac MyApp.java (yay!)

[ringlord] Wells Fargo SucksFebruary 1, 2013
A few days ago a check I wrote on my Wells Fargo account was returned unpaid. Panicked, I checked my account online but was puzzled to find that the money was there, indubitably present and undeniably available… (Continued)

[ringlord] RingWave ArtDecember 25, 2012

I should have mentioned my friend’s awesome RingWave Art Gallery long ago. I have several of his creations framed on my walls. The colors are vibrant and absolutely stunning in print. I wish I had more wall space. Check them out!

[java] XS3D: The Extremely Simple 3D Rendering EngineDecember 25, 2011

Just updated XS3D, our Extremely Simple 3D Rendering Engine, which includes source code (licensed under the GPLv3) for your extended programming pleasure. Enjoy!

[rwb] Stop Holding Your Breath!October 6, 2012
It has been said that the only thing that we learn from history, is that we do not learn anything from history. Contradiction or truth, the fact remains that many of us refuse to admit that we have a tendency… (Continued)

[ringlord] Rotted AppleAugust 30, 2012
Something’s rotten inside Apple. As much as fans of Apple might like to argue it at this point in time, Steve Jobs has driven Apple, has defined Apple, and has literally been Apple; but a year after Steve’s… (Continued)

[ringlord] 21 Years for 77 DeadAugust 24, 2012

A human’s life in Sweden is worth barely more than 3¼ months, less than 100 days of the killer’s life, short enough for him to commit a similar crime twice more. Interesting! Remind me not to be in Sweden around 2033…

[ringlord] Since when does black infringe on white?August 24, 2012
The jury in Apple v. Samsung appears to have managed to get through 109 pages and 700 questions in only 22 hours: 5 pages and more than 31 questions per hour. Impressive performance if I could be led to believe… (Continued)

[ringlord] Story: BlackstoneJune 3, 2012

My first story, published and sent out into the wild, wild world: Blackstone. Let me know how you like it, there's a link at the bottom for commenting.

[ringlord] An Eye for an EyeJune 1, 2012
Although Oracle has suffered a resounding defeat in Google v. Oracle, I cannot help but feel that Oracle's assertion that APIs are copyrightable was a treacherous attempt to destroy all of software development… (Continued)

[rwb] Victory for Totalitarianism in the United States!April 27, 2012
"In the 1980s capitalism triumphed over communism. In the 1990s it triumphed over democracy." — David Korten It seems preposterous, even certifiably insane that the US House of… (Continued)

[ringlord] John Carter of MarsApril 21, 2012
How close, and yet how far! It's difficult to enumerate the influence that Edgar Rice Burroughs has had on fiction writers over the past hundred years or so since the publication of A Princess of Mars. One… (Continued)

[java] Oracle: Death to Object Oriented Programming!April 18, 2012
The currently running lawsuit brought by Oracle against Google over Google's use of the Java APIs has made me scratch my head. It may well be that I just don't get it, but from the first two days of the trial… (Continued)

[rwb] The road to hell … Is CISPA the new SOPA?April 11, 2012
The quality of laws should always be evaluated in light of how they can be abused, rather than how they may serve those whose intentions are and remain good. The Internet reacted strongly against recent… (Continued)

[rwb] Bruce Schneier on Post-9/11 Security PracticesMarch 29, 2012

Bruce Schneier, a well-regarded security expert, has placed a superb statement on his website regarding "Harms of Post-9/11 Airline Security" measures as carried out by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Not just worth reading, but in my opinion required reading!

[ringlord] I must be getting old and crankyJanuary 25, 2012
First Mozilla decides to break established paradigms, hiding away rather than "ghosting" unavailable GUI elements in menus, then Google decides to up the ante by hiding button functionality at times when the… (Continued)

[java] XS3D: The Extremely Simple 3D Rendering EngineAugust 25, 2011

Just published XS3D, our Extremely Simple 3D Rendering Engine, which includes source code (licensed under the GPLv3) for your extended programming pleasure. Enjoy!

[rwb] Nice job!August 6, 2011

Nice job, you Republicans and Teabaggers, sacrificing the nation's economic recovery on the altar of your principles. You are unwashed, misguided, half-wits, and better not cross my path!

[rwb] No pictures? Good!May 5, 2011
No pictures of the dead body of Osama bin Laden, good! First, offending people (for religious, moral, or simple decency reasons) is rather too low a blow for any civilized nation. We don't want that, we don't… (Continued)

[rwb] The Dog is Dead!May 1, 2011

Congratulations to all of those who went after the dog and gave that rotten piece of shit what it deserved!

[linux] Upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 to 11.04 results in a serious messApril 29, 2011
Canonical (Ubuntu) certainly screwed up with their 11.04 (April 2011) release: I could go on a rant here, because the problems are just way more than what I could consider a "glitch". This upgrade is diseased… (Continued)

[rwb] Get Rid of the Speed Bumps!April 8, 2011
I find it difficult to believe that the very people who are causing the impending government shutdown are still being paid. Is this not the height of hypocrisy, and a slap in the face of everyone who these… (Continued)

[ringlord] Self-publishing in the Digital AgeMarch 23, 2011
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past fifteen years or so, you've sensed at least that the Internet (of which the World Wide Web is the most visible part) has been responsible for a fundamental… (Continued)

[ringlord] Firefox 4.0: Retarded User Interface IdeaMarch 15, 2011
Why, oh why has Mozilla removed several functions from the menus in Firefox 4.0, such as 'close window', 'close tab', and 'web search'? If I didn't know them already, it would now be… (Continued)

[egypt] Trust Respect and FreedomFebruary 11, 2011
What we have seen recently in Tunisia and now in Egypt demonstrates that the leaders of every nation must consider carefully by what mandate they lead. It could be argued that all leaders serve themselves to… (Continued)

[egypt] Egypt is FreeFebruary 11, 2011
Congratulations to the People of Egypt! Determination, unity, and peaceful determination have seen you through. I hope that these values are indicative of Egypt's future, its relationship with its neighbors… (Continued)

[ringlord] Is ASCAP a Four Letter Word, like RIAA and MPAA?June 29, 2010
You know, I think I've just about had it with the likes of RIAA, MPAA, and now the ASCAP, too. These institutions are turning themselves into the unwashed anus of the world. I would like to ignore them, but the… (Continued)

[ringlord] Blackboard vs. Desire2Learn: Finally resolved!December 23, 2009

It's about time that this travesty comes to an end: Blackboard and Desire2Learn have settled their litigation through a cross-license agreement. The question, of course, is why Blackboard chose to litigate in the first place. That's like shooting first and asking questions later. What a waste, Blackboard. At least everyone can finally get on with the important stuff.

[ringlord] TreeDiffAugust 12, 2009

We've just released TreeDiff, a nifty little Java tool (for the command line only, at this time) to perform comparisons on two directory trees. Have a look!

[ringlord] Blackboard vs. Desire2Learn: Is it over at last?July 28, 2009
Despite the fact that I still own a nice chunk of shares in Blackboard, I was rather disappointed, even angry, with my former employer for sueing Desire2Learn based on patent infringement. I believe in… (Continued)

[ringlord] Everybody's doing it, so why…July 28, 2009

It's been high time for an overhaul of our website and, with renewed interest in Weblord, the time has finally come. So, sit back, click around, and see what we've got to pique your interest.

[weblord] Weblord @ Aitken-Sadlik ArchitectsJuly 24, 2009

Using Weblord, the architectural firm Aitken-Sadlik Architects has just released a major upgrade of their web site, consisting of over 200 pages. Check it out!

[ringlord] Nikon CoolPix S550 Not a USB Mass-Storage Device?!March 1, 2009
Don't get me wrong, I love my Nikon CoolPix S550, except for one tiny little problem: Getting the images off the camera is an enormous pain in the ass. Yes, it is. See, for some reason Nikon decided not to… (Continued)

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