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[rwb] Congratulations, America!November 4, 2008
Well, who wouldda thunk it, reason prevails after all! I had almost (almost!) given up hope for this nation, but it seems that enough of us got wise and made it clear that we were so totally on the wrong path… (Continued)

[rwb] Four More Years of This Shit?!September 16, 2008
American Politics has recently gone from the lofty idealisms of our Founding Fathers to the rape of almost everything that they stood and fought for. Our freedoms are attacked almost daily, not by terrorists… (Continued)

[microsoft] Hell hath frozen over!May 22, 2008
If this were the first of April, I'd give no credence to the news, but it's a good many weeks too late for an April's Fool joke, so I'm a bit speechless to read and hear what I would never have thought to see… (Continued)

[rwb] Open Letter to Al'QaidaJune 6, 2007
Dear Al'Qaida — Thank you for attempting to terrorize the "Free World". We, the powerful and the rich, who set policy and control so much of the world's culture and wealth, we benefit immensely from your… (Continued)

[linux] The Penguin that SCO'redMarch 27, 2007

SCO looks to me like the black knight in Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail, affecting a competent stance and a powerful image at first, but quickly revealing himself to be as clueless as they come and unwilling to face the facts as each blow of the battle cost him another limb. SCO is much like that black knight, reduced to a joke at our feet, unable to ever get up again.

Next up, Darl McBride will declare it a draw.

[java] Java is Free!November 14, 2006

Hard to believe that Java is now Free. Considering the scope of Java's use, Sun Microsystem's choice of the GNU General Public License (GPL) may be one of the most significant liberations to date. If nothing else, GNU/Linux distributions can now include Java directly, Java software can become a standard component of GNU/Linux, and The Java Trap is hereby no more.

[rwb] The Law Attacked!September 20, 2006
Efforts are afoot in congress to pardon the "President" for the illegal, wholesale spying on Americans, and retroactively declaring these activities legal after all. The law is respected only if it applies to… (Continued)

[rwb] The Law Upheld!August 17, 2006
Back in December it came to light that the federal government was spying on Americans without the use of legal warrants. It's not that warrants were unavailable, the government just chose to ignore existing… (Continued)

[idjets] Why so little sympathy?July 21, 2006
After ten days of war the world's patience with Israel is beginning to diminish. Another ten days might see the world getting really fed up with the humanitarian disaster. But this crisis is really to be… (Continued)

[idjets] Sheer BrillianceJuly 13, 2006
After witnessing how successful (NOT!) Hamas has been in winning from Israel a prisoner release in exchange for a captured Israeli soldier, it seems Hezbollah was unable to resist the temptation of giving the… (Continued)

[rwb] Soviet AmericaMarch 13, 2006

Quite frankly, I am astounded at the massive assault on freedom that is underway in this country, the United States of America: illegal spying on citizens is abominable and ought to get the "President" impeached (or does only a blowjob from an intern warrant impeachment these days?) but now they're looking to make it illegal to disclose the president's illegal activities? What is this? Soviet Russia?!

[ringlord] Time to Settle Up with Sony BMGMarch 9, 2006
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is looking to make sure that consumers get to participate in the settlement process of the EFF's class action lawsuit against Sony BMG. This class action lawsuit was… (Continued)

[idjets] Astounding, just astounding!February 22, 2006

Someone draws a cartoon, asserting a connection between Islam and violence, and how do Muslims protest? With violence! (/me slaps forehead) Can they affirm the cartoon any better? Can they look any more stupid? If it weren't such a tragedy I'd be rolling on the floor, laughing. Idjets! Idjets!!

This sums it right up…

[idjets] Terrorists in PowerJanuary 26, 2006
It would have been wrong not to allow Hamas to participate in the democratic election process. Democracy isn't about exclusion but about empowerment and letting the voice of the people be heard, even (or… (Continued)

[rwb] Whoa!December 16, 2005
I'm not sure what worries me more, the fact that the "President" authorized it or that 31% of about 81,000 people chose to vote "Yes" to the question "Should the government have been given the authority to spy… (Continued)

[rwb] Devastating Diebolt Voting Machine Hack ProvenDecember 15, 2005
A vote that should have been Yes:2 No:6 was hacked in a demonstration to come out Yes:7 No:1 with only moderate level access to the voting machine (in an election, thousands would have such access), no password… (Continued)

[xml] Open Document Format (ODF) vs. Microsoft XML (OOXML)November 28, 2005
Countless companies, cities, jurisdictions, states, and nations have awoken to the fact that locking up their data in proprietary formats, such as Microsoft's .doc, has chained them to the unending upgrade… (Continued)

[ringlord] Laptop Overheating?December 10, 2004
A little tip for those with laptops that are a bit older, and may have some trouble with the slab overheating and then shutting down unexpectedly or with a dire warning before all goes dark: clean out the fan… (Continued)

[rwb] Divided States of AmericaNovember 5, 2004
Four years ago, Gore won the election, but amidst the struggle to get every vote counted and then due to the supreme court's intervention, he was essentially forced to concede the presidency to Bush. Through… (Continued)

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