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Victory for Totalitarianism in the United States!


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April 27, 2012

"In the 1980s capitalism triumphed over communism. In the 1990s it triumphed over democracy." — David Korten

It seems preposterous, even certifiably insane that the US House of Representatives has passed CISPA, and not just the bad bill that was before, but an even worse bill that allows the government virtually unrestricted access to online records (everybody's online records!) merely based on a claim that someone has committed a crime.

It's basically a blank check for the government to spy on anyone and everyone with impunity; it's a kick in the pants for the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. Actually, with this bill the 4th Amendment is effectively dead online. Citizens have no recourse, no protection, no privacy.

Liberty lies hog-tied in the Senate basement but with the right kind of ears you can still hear her crying. It's a huge victory for totalitarianism!

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