About Ringlord Technologies

Ringlord Technologies

Ringlord Technologies was founded in 1987 by Udo Schuermann as a vehicle for research, development, and publication of distributed software technologies for business and entertainment purposes. Although we've not made much of a business of the whole thing, we have never failed to be entertained by it all.

The company's name was derived from a software concept enabling the centralized configuration and management of workstations on an IBM Tokenring LAN: the ring-shaped topology combined with the resulting lordship (e.g. rule, control) over the whole network gave birth to Ringlord Software. Our focus has shifted, and our named adjusted to more accurately reflect our focus on research and development of (software) technologies. Hence, Ringlord Technologies.

No relationship whatsoever exists, nor should one be inferred, with any of J.R.R. Tolkien's fine works of fantasy literature, or any related materials of any kind. No similarity and no such relationship is or was ever intended. Period.

What Can You Find Here?

Mostly Java software and some interesting publications, but also stuff for GNU/Linux and Amiga computers, as well as somewhat more general materials. Have a look in the Products section of our site (check out the navigation menu on the left side).

And you might notice that our pages load quickly, don't run scripts, don't bog down your browser, and don't shove cookies into your cache, either. Our site is as lean and mean as we can reasonably make it. There are no advertisements here, either. We like it that way.

All content is copyright © Ringlord Technologies unless otherwise stated. We do encourage deep linking to our site's pages but forbid direct reference to images, software or other non-page resources stored here; likewise, do not embed our content in frames or other constructs that may mislead the reader about the content ownership. Play nice, yes?

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