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In the days of yore, when the Internet was young and its name enclosed in quotes, spam was unheard of and spiders would honor /robots.txt and leave email addresses and their owners in blissful peace. Alas, these days have gone forever. Blind evil has crept from between the pipes and sunk myriad poison stingers into the bandwidth, dragging on every bit and every byte and sent every honest netizen into a spam-induced rage and frenzy, eventually destined to fall into near-terminal lethargy.

Email addresses used to be precious, akin to an identity, kept for a dozen years or more. In this day and age of a zillion new identities to match the daily mood, however, all of them free and as transient as the weather, we've lost our identity and can only now offer that you must assemble an email address for us, assembled from the word info and our domain; if you are not able to figure this out, then know that omgponies@ringlord.com will simply not work for you. Let that be as many hints as you get but we receive far, far too much spam to make it any easier for the spammers.

So, in essence you have to pass a limited version of the turing test to be able to contact us. Click on the following link but you must correct the email address before sending us a message. It won't work as given: omgponies@ringlord.com; read the previous paragraph (again) to get a clue or your message will get dropped into the void, never to be seen by a human eye again. So sad, but you're smarter than that, right?

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