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July 21, 2006

After ten days of war the world's patience with Israel is beginning to diminish. Another ten days might see the world getting really fed up with the humanitarian disaster. But this crisis is really to be credited to Hezbollah. That's right, Hezbollah started this war.

That Israel's response to Hezbolla's actions would be anything less than the war we are now seeing does not surprise me in the least. If Hezbollah thought otherwise, they deserve to be eliminated from the human gene pool (a Darwin Award for all of Hezbollah).

The alternative is that Hezbollah knew exactly what reaction they would draw from Israel, and they succeeded in rekindling a war with Israel!

Why? Movements turn into organizations, and the survival of the organization eventually becomes more important than the goal that drove the original movement. Members of the organization become subjects to the organization; changing the goal, the direction of the organization, becomes nigh impossible. In the end it is the people who change to serve the organization. An organization thus ensures its own survival by ensuring that the conditions in which it thrives are maintained. This is referred to as the Systemic Imperative.

Hezbollah, like Hamas, cannot function outside the sphere of a conflict with Israel. The moment Hamas, for example, acknowledged the right of Israel to exist, the core principle of Hamas' raison d'être disintegrates. It is the same with Hezbollah. At most they can give lip service to the idea but they cannot actually exist without the goal of destroying Israel. Conflict, war, and death are their embodiment. They are terrorists.

Of course, Hezbollah and Hamas provide social services to their people and I shall be the first to commend them for it, but they are two-faced dogs: They will not abide a peace and the irrelevance that would befall them as a consequence: no, they must stir the pot and rile up the bees, they must inflict pain so that by Israel's response, their existence is once again justified.

They can now give food and shelter to those who were injured by Israel's attacks and claim: "You see what Israel has done to you? That is why we fight them." But it is Hezbollah who inflicted this war on them and it is Hezbollah who is to blame for the tragedy that is unfolding in Lebanon today.

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