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November 5, 2004

Four years ago, Gore won the election, but amidst the struggle to get every vote counted and then due to the supreme court's intervention, he was essentially forced to concede the presidency to Bush.

Through stubborn incompetence Bush has since driven this country into a multi-faceted morass of economic and political problems. The world has been hesitant to acknowledge Bush's legitimacy and in parts vehement in denying it. Bush has never managed to convince anyone but simpletons and dimwits that Iraq had any involvement with Al Qaeda, for example, or had anything more than a desire to acquire new weapons of mass destruction. Dimwits bought these lies, but nobody else. Dimwits also bought the lie that the money he borrowed from other nations were actual tax cuts. The list goes on …

But now, with apparently 51% of Americans legitimizing the rule of the most destructive and dangerous leader that this country has ever had, we have told the world that we merely pay lip-service to democratic ideals: democracy does not apply to our interaction with other nations; we do not care about unity: 49% of the nation doesn't matter, and 90% of the world has no influence on our leaders; and instead of reason we are proud of primitive dualistic thought: no nuance, no pause, no exploration, no reflection! That is the image of America projected around the world!

As a divider this "president" has proven, and today again confirmed, his intentions to push a divisive agenda and bully the world in pursuit of untenable policies abroad. But hey, if you can't hold onto the world's admiration and respect, we may as well go all-out and earn their disapproval and disdain!

Hail to the Thief!

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