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September 20, 2006

Efforts are afoot in congress to pardon the "President" for the illegal, wholesale spying on Americans, and retroactively declaring these activities legal after all.

The law is respected only if it applies to all equally, from the fast food worker to the President. The moment that our leaders are made "more equal" than the rest, we have truly stepped onto the path of dictatorship.

It is unconscionable that the legislative and/or judicial branches of government would acquiesce to such a grab for power by the executive branch, the President. It would undermine all that America has stood for and, in fact, hands the terrorists a victory by corrupting what America really is: a nation built upon ideas and ideals. A nation once admired would become proof that no ideal can long outlive the fear or greed of a few. Make no mistake: the very future of this, our great nation, is at stake today. Our laws are not a partisan document, nor are they to be bent when it suits one side or another. Our laws are the only thing that truly protects us from those who would tear this nation down and if we do not honor these laws, then we become the instruments of those who would wish us ill.

And just so we're clear on this: I have no issues with the government deciding that someone might be a terrorist and taking steps to investigate, even begin spying on that person at once. They still have 72 hours to get the action approved retroactively by a special court. But wholesale spying on everybody, you, me, your kids, your neighbors, everybody?! Without a warrant? Isn't this exactly the kind of grab for power that the establishment of three exclusive branches of government (legislative, judicial, and executive) was supposed to prevent? Are our leaders daft to go along with this?!

Are you?


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