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Four More Years of This Shit?!


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September 16, 2008

American Politics has recently gone from the lofty idealisms of our Founding Fathers to the rape of almost everything that they stood and fought for. Our freedoms are attacked almost daily, not by terrorists from the outside but from the inside by our own Congress collaborating with our President; tax breaks do little but feed the economic divide between the rich and the poor; No Child Left behind has bought nothing for our children but inflexible agendas focused on scores instead of learning; and an illegal war against an enemy that didn't need fighting has left the architect of "9/11" sitting in a smelly cave, I suppose, but well enough and quite alive.

And now we're actually looking at electing McBush and his shiny new ultraconservative lipstick wearing VP?!

You're actually telling me, America, that after eight years of Bush you're still not tired of the Iraq war and the disastrous economic policies and the ceaseless assault on our ideals and liberties? You're ready for more of this shit?

For anyone not remembering it, back in 2000 we had a huge surplus and actually stood a chance of paying down our national debt, finally; today we are further in the hole than ever before in our 230+ year history. We're fucked as it is, but we're ready to blow more of the money we don't have? Money our children won't have available because it's all going to fucking Iraq, which we blew up in the first place? Awesome job, that one.

If only we had actually found that Bin Laden guy, for all that time and money and the thousands of American (not to mention Iraqi!) lives it cost us, but I guess we have to make our choices, being all but fucking broke as a nation, eh?

I don't know about you, but I think McCain deserves about 25% of the vote, that being those who are either making out too damn well under Bush's plan and don't give a shit about the long view, or those who are just fanboiz of the word 'republican' and have no regard for what it's come to mean for our nation.

Oh, John McCain is a "maverick"? He'll bring change to Washington?

And we want more of that? More economic ruin? More war? More of the big divide between the have and the have-nots? More decaying reputation, more fear, more uncertainty, more economic failures, more of all the shit we've endured for eight years?

Dang. If Obama doesn't win by a fucking landslide then I suppose that proves without a doubt that people^H^H^H^H^H^HAmericans are stupid.

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