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Boxer to package your Eclipse Java Tools


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September 18, 2013

Are you using Eclipse to build Java tools (rather than JEE) and are you looking for a way to package and sign the resulting JAR, then build nice distribution archives from the resulting file(s)? Do you want to have the option of merging classes from dependent projects and libraries into your JAR, rather than referencing them as external resources, which might result in classpath issues? Want to ensure that your JARs are digitally signed and digest files created for them? Want to package license files, documentation, images, help files and the like into your JAR and/or distribution archive using different paths for each file type, and get everything ready to ship at the press of a single button, or with a one-liner from the command line?

Then check out “Boxer”, a one-punch solution to boxing up your project!

Boxer reads your Eclipse project’s .classpath file to find out what your project uses and depends on, then lets you configure what to do with each component to build your executable JAR and then your distribution archive.

And for the curious, Boxer’s executable JAR was itself built from two projects using Boxer in under 1 second. So cool!

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