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October 2, 2013

Stubborn, short-sighted, and spiteful, that describes the Republican Party as far as I’m concerned: I can understand being dissatisfied with the Affordable Care Act, unhappy with its prospects, and wanting desperately to look strong again when all the pelts have slipped away and gone down the river, but holding the American People and the government hostage is no way to run a country!

What kind of “leaders” does the Republican Party produce? Whining children, who stomp their feet and don’t care what kind of a mess they make of things? “I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna…” — Shut up, you Republican Tantrum Throwers! You’ve had half a decade to come up with something better, and all you gracelessly aging gits have managed is to pull the plug out of the wall?! Are you nuts? Are you f---ing insane? Is there anything in that skull of yours that still runs on reason?

No, apparently not. Shutting down the fucking government because you dislike a law that you helped pass yourselves, is about as disingenuous as it comes, and as reasonable as climbing out of the driver’s seat while you’re supposed to be driving the f---ing car, you godforsaken morons!. The American People ought to kick your collective butts (fire you!) for failing so miserably at your job that the word ‘irresponsible’ has never applied more aptly to a group of people who ought to be role models, and inspire confidence and admiration from the people who elected them.


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