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February 1, 2013

A few days ago a check I wrote on my Wells Fargo account was returned unpaid. Panicked, I checked my account online but was puzzled to find that the money was there, indubitably present and undeniably available. “WTF?!” thought I, and made my way to the bank today.

It turns out that my checking account had been closed over a month ago, and they had moved all the money from that account into one of my secondary accounts. This did not show up online at all, where I had performed the appropriate transfer from secondary to checking account only a week ago in utter ignorance that the destination account was already closed. Nobody at Wells Fargo was able to explain why this happened, nobody offered to fix it, nobody much seemed to care beyond explaining the account was closed. Annoying, to be sure, but it was already the second unhappy circumstance with Wells Fargo in a short time:

A few weeks earlier I needed a paper notarized from my ex, so that my daughter could get a passport. Most banks will do that free of charge for their customers, but Wells Fargo outright refused(!) to perform the service because my ex was not one of their customers: I even offered to pay the customary $2 fee, but again Wells Fargo refused me the service. WTF, Wells Trash Fargo?

Basically, I’m done with Wells Fargo. I will no longer bank with Wells Fargo, and I will refuse any loan serviced by Wells Fargo. They are clearly not in the customer service business, and I will not offer Wells Fargo any further chances to abuse me.

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