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August 30, 2012

Something’s rotten inside Apple. As much as fans of Apple might like to argue it at this point in time, Steve Jobs has driven Apple, has defined Apple, and has literally been Apple; but a year after Steve’s death it’s difficult to see Apple as the supposed “innovator” that it used to portray itself.

Yes, Apple is looking to maintain the course under Tim Cook, but people like Steve don’t grow on bushes. Just like IBM’s attempt in the 1980’s to maintain control over the Personal Computer (PC) that they defined, so Apple is now struggling to maintain control over the concept of the mobile phone interface that they … well, borrowed from a zillion other innovators. It’s not going to happen: The harder you squeeze your fist, the faster the water escapes through your fingers.

Sure, Apple has turned small steps into giant leaps, no doubt about it, but in the end these were just small steps, easily recognized, duplicated, and expanded upon. They proved nowhere near the true innovations that Apple would have liked us all to believe, even if some people are so clueless about the concept of prior art that they ought to be kicked down stairs. Worst of all, Apple hasn’t done much innovative stuff in years, which says much about their true momentum.

More interestingly, the recent Apple v. Samsung case legitimized Samsung’s threat to Apple: Apple’s flawed victory over Samsung finally declared Samsung as a true threat to Apple, and Apple’s problem comes down to this: Apple has fallen off the wagon, and Samsung has run off with the cart. Instead of innovating their way out of a hole, Apple is resorting to litigation. Ask yourself this: How often has that strategy worked out well for a company?

Oh, and by the way: Where the f— is Apple’s iPhone 5? Most people were holding their breath for the iPhone 5 more than one year ago, at the end of Summer 2011. Anyone remember that?

Samsung released the Galaxy S2. Apple released a repackaged version of the iPhone 4, naming it the iPhone 4s. Smart, because it sure is no iPhone 5!

A few months ago, Samsung released the Galaxy S3, but after a whole year’s wait, Apple still has no iPhone 5. WTF? I mean: WTF!?!

Is it any wonder that Android-based phones (of which Samsung is the largest producer) are accelerating sales past the 1 million per day rate? I suppose that Samsung will be releasing their Galaxy S4 sometimes in 2013 before Apple manages to release their iPhone …4x (or whatever) and the Galaxy S5 will f— Apple so hard that only the worms will care what’s left of the company.

Sorry, folks, but there was a time when Steve Jobs returned to rescue Apple from oblivion. What are the chances that Steve can rescue Apple a second time? Should we all hope for Zombie Steve to take the rot away?

Remember: Those who can, do. Those who can’t, sue.

If you start suing, I know where you’re going. I just won’t follow a company down that road, and it looks like nobody else does, either. Night, night, Apple!

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