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ODFind — Open Document Find Tool

ODFind 2 provides both a GUI (Graphic User Interface) and CLI (Command Line Interface) for the integrated Ringlord Technologies ODF Java Library. Using this library, ODFind lets you search for text in Open Document Files, both plain and encrypted ones.

Features: Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Features: Command Line Interface (CLI)

Features: Both GUI & CLI

NOTE: ODFind is a work in progress. A number of planned features, mostly intended for advanced users, are incomplete or only hinted at in the user interface. It should be more than sufficient for most uses.

Description:Looking for something in one of your Open Document Format (ODF) files, somewhere on your hard disk? Are some of those files encrypted but you still want to search them (provided that you have the password for them)?
License:GNU General Public License (GPL) v3 (Free as in Speech)
Requirements:Java 1.7
Launch (web):Launch ODFind (810.0B) using Java WebStart
Launch (shell):java -jar odfind.jar
Download:odfind.jar (337.6KiB)
Legacy (version 1): odfind1.jar (275.0KiB)
Screen shots:Main window, preparing to search (20.6KiB)
Main window, searches in progress (33.4KiB)
Password entry window (19.9KiB)
OLD: Several searches, several documents (193.4KiB)

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