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Ringlord Technologies ODF Java Library

The Ringlord Technologies (RLT) ODF Java Library aims to provide access to plain text and encrypted contents of data stored in OASIS Open Document File (ODF) containers.1 Given a known password for an encrypted document, you (a programmer) can use this library to access the contents of an ODF container using only Java software2. For additional (technical) documentation relevant to this topic, please see Decrypting Open Document Format (ODF) Files.


Unlike proprietary (often poorly or even completely undocumented) data formats, ODF is based on ISO standards, and uses well-documented XML to ensure that your data is never locked away in ways that require you to maintain ancient computers with unsupported operating systems in order to continue being able to read your data, just because the publisher of the necessary software has decided to cease support for it.

Being licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3) the Ringlord Technologies ODF Java Library seeks to support the goals of the ODF standard by offering full access to ODF contents using pure Java code, without reliance on external or proprietary components.3

Source Code

The Ringlord Technologies ODF Java Library is hosted at GitHub.

If you find this library useful, I encourage you to provide (financial or other) support to the Free Software Foundation!

1  This is the popular OpenDocument format used by LibreOffice, OpenOffice.org, AbiWord, KOffice, and even supported by Microsoft® Office.
2  The standard Java crypto libraries alone do not support all the required pieces needed to decrypt ODF contents, wherefore Ringlord Technologies researched the means for, and produced this Free (GPLv3) library.
3  If you are working with closed-source, proprietary software you must be especially careful of GPL-licensed software as the GPL requires that all software into which GPL-licensed software is incorporated is licensed in turn under the GPL as well. Some have disingenously tried to animate the claim that this is "viral" behavior, but the GNU General Public License is rooted firmly in Copyright law, and is actually designed to preserve rights, and prevent the theft of Free software!

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