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David Tiberio contacted me with an offer that if I wrote this program he'd have the customers who'd buy a few hundred copies, at least. It basically would have meant a brand-new Amiga for me, maybe fully loaded. I wrote the software in a week, but David's promises eventually came to naught. :-(

I think the code base is pretty good, the GUI algorithms quite clean, the simple HTML layout engine (fixed-pitch only) rather nifty, and the (limited) HTTP implementation not too bad. Rather than leave the code rotting on my hard disk, I invite you to download it. It's not really big, and as it's totally free, you have only the download time to lose.

Description:A small tool to search and maintain a database of over one thousand useful terms involving general computing and the Amiga in particular. The program knows the HTTP protocol and can be configured to download a new copy of its database whenever it becomes available.
License:Free as in speech and beer
Requirements:Amiga (Kickstart 2.04+)
Download:aormtool-11.lha (274.8KiB)

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