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Wouldn't it be nice if you could just double-click on an icon in a Workbench window and it told your favorite web browser to take you to the URL to which this icon referred? Most other platforms refer to this kind of thing as an "Internet Shortcut" and your Amiga is most certainly capable of providing you with this feature.

Make URL Alias makes it possible!

You would simply call this program (from within your web browser or from any program you choose) to create an ARexx program and associated icon for you that optionally launches your favorite web browser, and tells the browser to go to the indicated URL.

Description:A program that you can install in your web browser to help you create Workbench shortcuts (in the form of an ARexx program) that will launch your favorite web browser and instructs it to take you to the given URL.
License:Free as in speech and beer
Requirements:Amiga (Kickstart 2.04+)
Download:makeurlalias-10.lha (16.3KiB)

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