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KingFisher was a software catalog tool specifically designed to replace the aging Aquarium (from Fish Disk #301), a software description search tool of unknown authorship whose database I had made it my mission to maintain, but which was running into more and more problems as the database grew to push the bounds of a single floppy disk. KingFisher 1.11 first appeared on Fish Disk #783; version 1.15 appeared on Fish disk #808; and version 1.30 appeared on Fish Disk #861.

KingFisher 1

KingFisher introduced several innovative features over Aquarium, which it replaced, including significantly enhanced search capabilities, the ability for the database to span multiple disk volumes, and a feature to "magically" read new descriptions directly out of email and Usenet postings! Within six months of its release on December 1, 1992, KingFisher had practically eliminated all competition from programs of its kind, such as FishCat and NewAqua.

KingFisher received glowing reviews, and not just from magazines but from Amiga users around the world. Many sent me money and sent me usergroup news letters, too. That was an awesome response, and to this day I am grateful to you all (and you know who you are!)

Description:Wildly popular in its day, KingFisher set a new standard for searching Fish Disks.
License:Free as in beer
Requirements:Amiga Kickstart 1.3+
Download:Coming soon: kf-140.lha
Coming soon: kf-137.lha

KingFisher 2

With the late Fred Fish's move from floppy disks to a CD-ROM distribution, I produced the Product-Info Specification and KingFisher 2 to maintain and search this new type of database.

KingFisher 2 was based on a client-server architecture (using the Amiga‚Äôs internal IPC mechanism, blindingly fast Message Ports, rather than a network), allowing the server to provide its services not just to the windowed GUI, but via ARexx to other systems, such as a BBS or web site. Again, Fred Fish distributed KingFisher as the main search tool on his collection of CD-ROM, and graciously sent me a copy of most every disk he published.

Description:Aimed at searching Fred Fish's vast CD-ROM based software catalogs, KingFisher 2 used our own Product-Info Spec for its database format, picking up where KingFisher 1 had left off.
License:Free as in beer
Requirements:Amiga (Kickstart 2.04+)
Download:kingfisher-226-all.lha (all) (1.2MiB)
kingfisher-226.lha (core files only) (290.2KiB)
kingfisher-2xx-db.lha (database only) (730.7KiB)
kingfisher-2xx-ex.lha (extras) (216.4KiB)

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